Über uns
We are ZUPPORT-Store, a core store for skateboarding, streetwear, and accessories located in Trier, Germany's oldest city. The store was opened in 2005 by Alex Schmitz and Axel Reichertz. Our name says it all: ZUPPORT stands for support in the skate scene. We regularly organize events like contests and workshops to promote the local skateboarding community.

For the first eight years, Axel Reichertz operated the store alongside Alex Schmitz, before he decided to focus entirely on the Skatehalle Trier, also known as ZUPPERMARKET . Since 2022, we have been managing the Skatehalle as a non-profit association, where Axel Reichertz and Alex Schmitz are also actively involved in the board. The Skatehalle is our largest project, which emerged from the ZUPPORT-Store. We have been fighting for its preservation despite political opposition and succeeded in maintaining the hall and hosting events like workshops and contests.

To raise awareness about our cause in Trier, I published a documentary titled "Agenda 2012" in 2012. This award-winning documentary played a crucial role in securing the long-term use of the Skatehalle Trier's current location. Since 2014, there has been a city council decision that the Skatehalle cannot be demolished without an alternative. We have been fighting for its preservation ever since while also exploring alternative locations, although plans in this regard remain insufficiently developed.

 In 2020, the ZUPPORT-Store moved to Nagelstrasse, located in Trier's pedestrian zone. This was a significant step towards the store's future. We continue to offer our products and services both online and in our physical store. Our regular events and online shop have helped us gain recognition not only in Trier but also beyond the city limits.