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Inpeddo Skateboards

The Berlin label INPEDDO was founded in the summer of 2008 in the flat lands of northern Germany. Over the years, however, our creative center was completely relocated to Berlin. A lot has changed since then and the small, local label has become a nationwide well-known brand. The first impression of the more or the less unusual name of INPEDDO emphasizes the importance skateboarding has for us: In petto is latin and is literally translated as: „wear something in the chest or in the heart“. Thats exactly the deep bondage we want to transport with each of our products. Inpeddo was founded on the passion for skateboarding and with a tiny bit of north german dialect the labels name INPEDDO was born. When designing our products, Inpeddo often works with well-known artists such as: Dave The Chimp (England), Lucas Beaufort (France) or the KRID Collective (Switzerland / Germany). Always in focus: offering stylish products linked to an interesting story at fair prices while always transporting the positive vibe of skateboarding. Especially important to us is a high quality because apart from the many skaters out there, our team riders in Germany, Austria and Switzerland only want to have the best under their feet.

We are always according to the motto: From Skaters for Skaters!

Inpeddo Skateboard Team 2018

Sascha Ewest || Wuppertal
Thomas Graf || Freising
Thorsten Ballhause || Berlin
Konrad Waldmann || Potsdam
Helen Storz || Stuttgart
Alex Ring || Düsseldorf
Tabo Löchelt || Berlin
Martin Huppertz || Aachen
Lenni Pfeiffer || Wien

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