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The Original 1982 Gramicci Pants Features gusseted crotch for freedom-of-movement... mehr
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The Original 1982 Gramicci Pants
Features gusseted crotch for freedom-of-movement
Easy-adjust waistband with integrated belt and buckle
Zip fly with two side seam pockets and two back welt pockets
Relaxed fit and low rise
Inseam 32"
Made with Organic Cotton Twill - 100% Cotton

These are the original Gramicci Pants that started the "Freedom of Movement." The design was
created in the 1980s from Gramicci's innovative line of pants. The Gramicci Pants delivered
all the features rock climbers were looking for thanks to the company's wealth of climbing
experience. Over time, these outdoor pants have evolved and have been updated to meet the
needs of the modern climber with new features including a bit of extra room around the hips,
a front zip fly opening, with left and right back pockets. Gramicci's climbing pants have
become a staple over the years and continue to win new devotees today for a variety of
applications. These outdoor life pants feature a crotch gusset that allows 180-degree splits and a webbing
belt with easy-adjust waistband that can be adjusted with one hand. Made of 100% organic
cotton twill with high durability, tension, and stiffness that can even withstand strenuous
movement and dyed to give character to their appearance.

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Farbe: Chino
Kategorie: Unisex

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